Motorsport VANOS Camshaft Control

Most of the issues I see regarding standalone electronics are usually due to the fact that calibrations are “incomplete.” The tuner may have spent a couple of hours adjusting for WOT on a dyno, while having no regard for the initial setup itself. This can happen for several reasons, but usually due to customer budget constraints. We at Pavlotech spend countless hours ensuring each function is properly interpreted and controlled before even considering performance tuning.

The attached image is a preliminary log showing valuable data regarding BMW VANOS control (S54/S62/S50eu). The graph shows these advanced control strategies being developed as well as specialized firmware from Emtron for the specific application.


The middle window shows the cam solenoid duty cycle needed to change cam positions. Positive duty actuates advance solenoids while negative duty actuates retard solenoids (intake blue, exhaust red). The BMW Motorsport VANOS system operates unconventionally by not requiring solenoid actuation to maintain targets. Essentially, there is no “default” position like conventional systems. If no positioning change is needed then solenoid actuation is not necessary, as is shown in the early part of the log. Many aftermarket systems do not use this OE strategy, which creates reliability concerns with VANOS by over driving the solenoids. The bottom window shows actual cam position (intake blue, exhaust red), with the target error in the middle (light blue and green). As you can see, the error is never more than a couple of degrees even when making large positioning changes. You can expect this kind of pre-configured setup and support from all Pavlotech products. Emtron Australia


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