Motorsport EFI – Part 1 – Logging/Display

It always surprises me how fascinated people are with some of the most simple features aftermarket ECUs offer.  For road going legal vehicles it is understandable to look into tuning the factory ECU if possible, but there are serious disadvantages when making a real comparisons to a good aftermarket ECU.  This is especially true regarding information that is useful, and arguably needed for #motorsport #competition.  There is so much to discuss, I will split this into 3 sections posted weekly.  Feel free to share, reply, and discuss.  

Part 1- Logging and display units

Data logging

Aftermarket ECUs can provide much more intensive and customizable information for your #dashboard or #logger.  In most cases you only need two wires connected to a reputable piece of hardware to pick up nearly all of your important data.  Otherwise, imagine how labor intensive it would be hooking everything up individually.  Depending on what hardware is used, the parameter list can be customized to your needs.  Analysis of the data is commonly used for multiple driver vehicles, driver coaching, verifying calibrations, and more.      

Dash/display configuration

A lot of #dashboards can be configured to pick up original equipment #CANBUS streams, but you are limited to what the system broadcasts as compared to an aftermarket ECU.  

Customize the display to show RPM, throttle, lambda, fuel map positions, and more.  Activate alarm functions for different parameters and modes.  

The video shows the new #AIM #MXG #Dashboard configured for the @turnermorotsport @bosch #MS4 Sport ECU package for #BMW #E46M3.  This system is utilized in @Ratchet Head racings #00, and is set up for the following displays and alarms.  Oil/Fuel pressure alarms, Oil/Water temperature alarms (hot and cold), Battery voltage alarms (two stages), Fuel cut alarm (RPM limit/speed limit), Fuel map position, Ground speed limit display, and more.  There are over 40 channels that are also continuously recorded as well, which are available for download and data analysis.  

ECU logging

This is separate from external data logging.  Depending on hardware options, a customized parameter set can be logged at different rates (to maximize logging memory) directly by the ECU itself.  This way, you can prioritize your dash/logger stream with more “driver” data, but still evaluate specific engine parameters later.  This is a great tool for diagnosing potential issues (think OBD2 freeze frame data X infinity), as well as safely viewing recordings to finalize a calibration.  Not all ECUs offer logging as standard, but the @emtron KV series variants that #pavlotech distributes comes with it standard!


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