Motorsport EFI – Part 2 – Tuning and Functions

Part 2 – Tuning and extra functions

Continuing the mini blog I started last week, let’s talk about the advantages of aftermarket ECU systems.  Modernize your fuel injection system by adding sequential fuel injection, wideband o2 sensors, and direct fire ignition.  Motorsport ECUs offer advantages in more accurate fuel modeling as well.  Compensations for fuel pressure differential, fuel temperature, and ethanol content can be programmed into the ECU. This is a major selling point for the new systems that Pavlotech (emtron ECUs) offers.  While actual engine tuning may be overwhelming and scary to most people, there are still many other functions that are safe to manipulate.  For a quick list you can customize data logging sets (as mentioned in part 1), fan speed control, switch input functions, and speed limits.  

Live tuning

When actually tuning the engine (dyno), you can change important parameters in real time which saves a significant amount of time.  This means the tuner doesn’t have to wait to read and reflash changes to the ECU (most factory ECU tuning), while you pay for dyno time.   Having all your ECU inputs and outputs functioning properly can be done before hand which saves significant time.  Most Pavlotech package solutions are pre-configured this way.     


Programmable limp modes for almost anything you can think of.  Low oil pressure?  Engine overheating?  Engine too cold?  Customize these to protect your vehicle.  This is a major function that is often overlooked when considering ECU solutions.  

Map switching

Want to run different octanes?  Do you have a number of calibrations you want to run at the same time?  Valet mode, boost target, lambda target, and torque limiting can all be switched actively!

Speed limiting

Switch inputs can be configured to limit vehicle speed.  Similar to valet mode, but also is more commonly used for pit speed limits during races.  The video shows ratchethead racings #02 with an #Emtron KV8 ECU demonstrating the pit speed limiting function.  If you look close (sun glare) you can see the #AIM #MXG dashboard flashing to notify the driver what limit mode he is in.  Then he switches it off.  All of this is customizable, and can be configured to work together with logging and display products.  


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