Emtron/Pavlotech AIM support

Thanks to Trailbrake.net, Pavlotech is excited to announce its collaboration with AIM Sportline for support on a very advanced ‪#‎logging‬ set available soon (available now if you contact Pavlotech)! This is one the most “completed” set of ECU parameters available in the entire software suite. 61 different ECU statuses can are available for logging and display configuration.

20 percentage channels

10 pressure channels

10 switch statuses

6 temperature channels

Various voltages


Position angles


Fuel consumption

So what does all that all mean? The user friendly AIM Race Studio software will now have a plethora of information available to any racer striving to lose seconds off their lap times. Comparing drivers, driver coaching, and more, will reach a new level of critique!

Regarding ‪#‎diagnosis‬, attached are some ‪#‎AIM‬ ‪#‎MXG‬ dash display examples, as well as multiple check pages. The check pages take advantage of the reported parameters for lightning quick diagnosis without the need to connect any hardware to a computer.

Have a more complicated problem? The dashboard will record enough information now to do full analysis. All of this is possible now without the need to actually connect to the ECU at all!

The logging set was also designed with customization in mind. Emtron Australias industry leading definable CAN streams allow full re-configuration. With a‪ #‎Pavlotech‬ dash support package, we can customize the Emtron CAN parameters for your needs completely. Careful research before hand on parameter scaling enables Pavlotech to actually re-define the new AIM pre-defined configuration.

Yet another example showcasing the advantage of ‪#‎Emtron‬ as compared to other ECU systems!

See the Ratchet Head Racing Team cars showcasing these fantastic features at major events near you soon!

Interested in what #Pavlotech can offer? Send us a message!


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